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Hazardous product storage

Are pharmaceutical and chemical company and often have to deal with hazardous material, fire retardant or toxic? Bordogna has the solution for you. The cabinets for hazardous materials have a metal frame and are designed in such a way as to have a high tolerance for heat, which goes beyond 90 minutes, certified by the European Union (EN 14470-1), through the tests in the rooms burning. The walls of the cabinets for hazardous substances, are designed to resist all weather conditions, as well as to high temperatures, have a particular structure that also makes them resistant to frost. Equipped with self-closing hydraulic control can be locked in the event of fire, these cabinets for hazardous substances are provided with grounding to prevent static electricity. Our cabinets for hazardous materials, are used to contain chemical / pharmaceutical products, gas cylinders (two to four units, at the discretion of the client), liquid or highly flammable materials.


  • Safety storage cabinets for flammable products
  • Certificazione-EN-144470-30 Certificazione-EN-14470-90


  • Hazardous products cabinets
  • Certificazione-EN-14470-90