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Protection against fire


Protect documents against fire: which safe should you choose?

A valuable guide to choose a fireproof safe to protect documents and media.

The range of fireproof safes and cabinets on the market is often wide and confused: hereby we are giving you some suggestions to choose the right safe to protect your documents against fire. All fireproof cabinets and safes in the Bordogna catalogue are first-class: they passed resistance tests against fire to obtain the European certification.

Which model should you choose?

Which model should you choose?

Fireproof safes can be divided into 2 categories according to the type of content that must be protected:
  • Paper
  • Media (CD and DVD, hard disk, optical media etc.)
Moreover strong means can be classified according to type, test duration before combustion and certification.
Types of certification

Types of certification

The basic feature of a fireproof cabinet or safe is the certification: a guarantee of the actual fire resistance. All Bordogna fireproof safes are certified and passed therefore strict tests against fire. Fireproof safes can have two types of certifications:
  • Certifications of fire protection
  • Certification of burglary protection

The models present in the collection Bordogna are the following:

CI 001-002-003 Paper UL 30' - -
CI 004 Data UL 60' - -
PK 40 Paper NT FIRE 017 60' - -
PK 45 MEDIA Data NT FIRE 017 60'   -
PK 400 Paper NT FIRE 017 120' EN 14450 S1
PK 400 MEDIA Data NT FIRE 017 120' (90' for model 410) EN 14450 S1

Download the Certification Guide to know the certification types, the European Norms and the insurance amounts.