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Wall safe or free standing safe?

There are some elements that must be taken into account when buying a safe:
  • A safe certified according to the European norms EN 14450 and 1143-1 is guaranteed by tests carried out in state-of-the-art laboratories;
  • For wall safes you must include the extra cost of the walling in the purchase price (that must be made by qualified workers with specific concrete and fixing bolts);
  • Safes with removable door guarantee greater privacy, easier transport and installation;
  • Safes with lock certified EN 1300 are preferable;

Why choose a wall safe?

The traditional means of protection for valuables and documents

Easily concealable

It can be hidden behind pictures or furniture

Small dimensions

Since it is walled, the safe can be installed in a confined space.

Removable door

Bordogna safes have removable door that simplifies the installation and the technical assistance.

Lower average cost

Compared to a free standing safe, its cost is on average lower.

Suitable to small objects

Its small dimensions make it suitable to store small objects and valuables.



Why choose a free standing safe?

A new way to store valuables also in houses and offices

Easy to install

It does not need any building operations: it is sufficient to anchor the safe with suitable fixing bolts.


It can be easily uninstalled and moved in case of moving

Safe on every side

Free standing safes have the same armouring on all 6 sides.

Wide selection

Bordogna has a wide range of free standing safes that differ in terms of security grade, certification and dimensions.

Internal dimensions

Particularly recommended for the safekeeping of documents and medium sized/big objects.

Selection of locks

In free standing safes it is possible to install different electronic locks with many advanced functions (multi-users, time lock, alarm interface…)